Two hosts of the Chinese television variety show Happy Camp have entered the record books thanks to their incredible popularity on the social media platform Weibo.

Head of the ‘Happy Family’, He Jiong has a staggering 83,842,216 followers as of 25 April 2017 – the Most followers on Weibo (male).

He has presented the much-loved show for over 10 years and is also a singer, actor, director and former Arabic teacher at a Beijing university.

His co-star Xie Na, who is also a famous singer and actress, has the Most followers on Weibo (female) with an even more impressive 90,471,359 followers as of the same date.

Happy Camp GWR certificates

Happy Camp, which is produced by Hunan Satellite TV, also boasts a couple of Guinness World Records titles of its own.

The show has the titles Most followers on Weibo for a variety show (10,436,593) and Most viewed episode of a variety series filmed with a live studio audience (48,692,200 views for the 811th episode which aired in 2013).

“Since its launch on July 11, 1997, ‘Happy Camp’ has been a leader in global television variety shows with its rich program design and cheerful program style,” said Rowan Simons, President of GWR Greater China. “The two Guinness World Records titles are a very great achievement!”

President of Guinness World Records Greater China, Rowan Simons

Our initial announcement of the achievements on our own Weibo channel has already attracted an enormous 20.95 million reads and thousands of interactions.

Happy Camp airs every Saturday and features celebrity guests who take to the stage to showcase their talents.

Other Chinese stars who have set Weibo-related records include pop stars Wang Junkai, for Most reposts of a Weibo™ post, and Luhan, for Most comments on a Weibo™ post.