*Please note: This article contains images of a medical nature that some may consider graphic. 

Guinness World Records has presented an official certificate to Ahmed Saeed Mohammed Omar, who had the world’s Largest kidney removed by a Dubai surgeon nine months ago.

Dr. Fariborz Bagheri, who is Head of Urology Department at Dubai Hospital, removed a 4.25 kg (9 lb 5.91 oz) non-functional kidney from Ahmed who was suffering from Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Dr. Fariborz Bagheri and Ahmed Saeed Mohammed Omar

PKD is a genetic disorder which causes abnormal cysts to develop and grow in the kidneys.

56-year-old Ahmed actually had two extremely enlarged kidneys, which caused his belly to swell and compressed all his internal organs until he had trouble breathing.

Commenting on the record, Talal Omar, Head of Guinness World Records Dubai said: "We have spent many months studying extremely complex medical records and now that the assessment is complete, Guinness World Records is happy to announce that the record title of the largest kidney is official."

The kidney measured a huge 34 × 17 cm in diameter. To put that into perspective, it was longer than a rugby ball.

Dr Fariborz Bagheri

Explaining the case in more detail, Dr. Bagheri said: "We had recommended removal of the kidneys a few years ago, however due to potential complications of the operation, the patient was reluctant until his general health condition deteriorated with difficulty in walking and breathing due to severely enlarged abdomen. Eventually, in October 2016, the patient accepted to undergo the recommended operation."

"While kidney removal surgeries are considered routine procedures in the urology field, removal of kidneys of this size is extremely challenging and delicate."

Largest kidney surgery team

"By the Grace of Allah, and with accomplished team-work in Dubai Hospital, the operation was performed successfully, and the patient regained his normal life," Dr. Bagheri added.

"After the operation, when we weighed the kidneys, we realised that they were the largest kidneys ever removed. Now, we are delighted to be recognised by Guinness World Records. This acknowledgement is not only impressive for the Urology Department at Dubai Hospital, but also for the DHA and its patients."

Largest kidney certificate presentation

This record-breaking kidney was almost twice the weight of the previous record of 2.14 kg (4.72 lbs), which was removed at the Institute of Urology, Dhule, India, back in 2011.

"My life is completely different now," said Mr Saeed, talking to The National in a recent interview.

"Now, I can go to the beach and see my friends. I feel so much better. I wish I had done it sooner. When I have my transplant, I will have a normal life."

Ahmed Saeed Mohammed Omar receives a GWR certificate