Two incredibly talented freestyle footballers from Japan have just scored Guinness World Records titles thanks to their unparalleled soccer skills.
First, high school student Ryo Sato attempted to set a new record for the Most 'around the world' ball control tricks in one minute (male) in Mobara, Chiba, Japan.
In 2008 this title was achieved by multiple record-breaker John Farnworth with a huge record of 85, and remained unbeaten for nine years.

Ryo trained for three hours every day for a month before officially tackling the challenge, but all the time he put in paid off when he managed to complete an amazing 93 'around the world' tricks in just 60 seconds.

Most around the world ball control tricks in one minute 
We caught up with the Jef United Ichihara Chiba and Real Madrid supporter after the attempt: "I am very happy that I have achieved the world record – I never thought I would beat the previous record while I was at high school!"
"I want to beat my record soon," he added. "I also want to attempt the double ‘around the world’ record too."
Since speaking to Ryo, the determined young footballer has actually realised his dream and successfully achieved the Most double 'around the world' ball control tricks in one minute (male). Stay tuned to our YouTube channel where we'll be uploading footage of Ryo’s latest accomplishment soon.
Meanwhile,  Yuuki Yoshinaga of Itabashi, Tokyo is now the holder of the Most consecutive football touches with the shoulders record.
Yuuki was encouraged by a friend to apply for the challenge and then started to practice for up to four hours a day.
The professional freestyle footballer had a steep number of 1,064 to beat, but smashed the record with an astonishing 1,854 touches.
Football shoulder touches record  
"I loved to read the Guinness World Records book at the library when I was in elementary school," he said. "I still remember the excitement I felt and I’m very happy to be a record holder. I will do my best to achieve more records in the future."