Italy’s most prolific record title holder has just broken the record for the Fastest time to walk 10 m on glass bottles, without smashing any of them!
This challenge requires some serious balance skills and a fair bit of courage, but Silvio Sabba managed to travel across the empty bottles in an incredibly-swift 25.39 seconds.
After the attempt, which took place at a gym in Rodano, Milan, Italy, the 40-year-old told us: “I decided to break this record because I am passionate about Guinness World Records.”
The dedicated record breaker actually shaved more than half the time off the previous title holder, Tang Hui from China – something we don’t often see here at Guinness World Records, because records get tougher and tougher to break over time.
This latest achievement adds yet another Guinness World Records title to Silvio’s name, as he currently boasts a huge and varied collection of records, ranging from Most squats in one minute carrying an 80 lb pack to Fastest time to stack ten dice using chopsticks to Most clothes pegs clipped to the face in one minute.