Portuguese-American musician Domingos-Antonio Gomes – aka 'Antonio Domingos' – has proved he has the fastest fingers in the business, after smashing the record for the Most piano key hits in one minute.
The pianist played the key B7 a staggering 824 times in 60 seconds – that’s more than 13 hits a second! You have to see it to believe it...

Antonio bettered the previous record by 59 hits, potentially because his technique involved using two alternate fingers and he spent about four months training for the challenge.
He played on an unmodified Yamaha CFX concert grand piano in a music store in Lisbon, Portugal.
“I am I Portuguese-American professional pianist and have been playing since the age of seven,” Antonio told Guinness World Records in his application for the title.
“I broke this record in order to gain visibility in the international world of music by demonstrating my athletic prowess on the piano” he added.