Series 6 of Officially Amazing is airing on CBBC (UK only) every Wednesday at 17:30, with today’s episode featuring a super speedy tortoise, chopstick challenges and some awesome stunt driving.
To celebrate the new show, we’ve been sharing some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the Officially Amazing stars, with today’s video featuring the American pocket rocket that is US Ray.
Officially Competitive
US Ray – aka Raymond Butler – is an American record breaker who has achieved some incredible Guinness World Records titles both on the Officially Amazing TV show and off it.
His jaw-dropping skills range from brilliant backflips to feats of balance.
"I’m more of the action packed character," he said on the set of Officially Amazing series 6.
"I’m known for doing the more physical records such as bum scooting or anything that involves running or general athleticism."
US Ray socks 
Some of his most impressive achievements include Longest backflip into a pair of trousers, Most star jumps in one minute, Fastest 50 m while balancing a ping pong ballon a bat and Fastest time to burst 20 balloons (individual).
Asked what it’s like working with Guinness World Records adjudicators on set, US Ray said: "It’s a little intimidating because you’re not sure if you should crack a joke or be serious. It’s a little nerve-wracking."
You can catch up on all the record-breaking action from Officially Amazing Goes Bunkers on BBC iPlayer (UK only) or check out our kids website for more fun content from the show.