Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay heated things up on the latest episode of Fox's The F Word when he battled a contestant for a fast-paced fish filleting world record. 
On Wednesday's episode of the live FOX cooking competition show, Ramsay was challenged by local Alaska filleting legend, Jenna Rabich, who has become well known for her YouTube video of filleting fish on a tour boat. 
In their high-stakes cook off, Chef Ramsay and Jenna go head-to-head to try and achieve the record for the Fastest time to fillet a 10 lb fish. 
During the episode, both competitors needed to adhere to the official guidelines of Guinness World Records for the attempt to be successful. 
Though any fillet technique could be used, the fish needed to be portioned into skinless fillets and not contain any traces of the backbone. 
Ramsay and Rabich also had the pressure of making a minimum of 15 portions, each weighing at least 40 g (1.41 oz). 
Two Guinness World Records adjudicators were present to verify the record on-site in Santa Monica, where the live attempt occurred in front of an enthusiastic crowd. 
Did Jenna give the multi-Michelin star chef a run for his money? Or was Chef Ramsay able to prevail under the sizzling circumstances? Find out below: 

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