Best-selling author and Instagram star Joe Wicks The Body Coach is hoping to add ‘Guinness World Records title holder’ to his growing list of accolades.
On Wednesday 5 July, the Lean in 15 writer is hosting a huge workout in Hyde Park which has the potential to be the world’s Largest high intensity interval training class.
The current record is a huge 3,687 people, as set by Herbalife Ltd. (USA) at LA Live in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 7 March 2015.
To get the record, Joe Wicks's HIIT programme must combine alternating high-level intense exercise with lower-level recovery exercises, and each participant will have to exercise continually for an entire 30 minutes.
Joe Wicks The Body Coach gym
All images: ©Conor McDonnell
The attempt is taking place during the mid-week break in the Barclaycard Presents British Summer Time music event and all the proceeds from ticket sales will be going to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.
Joe Wicks is excited for the attempt:
My mission in life is to get as many people as possible inspired and motivated to become fitter and leaner - so getting people together at Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park to try and smash the world record for the largest ever HIIT session is a perfect opportunity to do that. I can’t wait to stand on the Great Oak Stage and look out on thousands of people all working hard to get fit and lean and, hopefully, we can all break a world record at the same time – the atmosphere is going to be absolutely buzzing!
Joe Wicks The Body Coach portrait
Daniel Mathieson, Head of Experiential Marketing and Partnerships for Barclaycard, said:
We’ve hosted Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park for five years, and along the way we’ve witnessed some of the most iconic bands in musical history, surprise guests and the world’s biggest crowd singing live on a radio broadcast. This year we’re excited to have Joe Wicks leading a group of thousands as they break a sweat – and hopefully a record. We look forward to seeing die-hard gym fans and people who are inspired by the event to start exercising right here on the Great Oak Stage. Join us and be part of history!
Guinness World Records Editor in Chief Craig Glenday also commented:
Joe is one of very few individuals in the world who could draw a crowd big enough to topple this record. Performing at Hyde Park used to be the domain of rock and pop stars, and that Joe will be attempting to write himself into the record books at such an iconic venue is testament to his huge popularity and success.