Our new weekly video series Meet the Record Breakers – Japan Tour shines a spotlight on some of the most incredible world record holders from the nation.
In this week’s episode, we travel to Wako in the Saitama Prefecture to watch the talented Sadatoshi Watanabe attempt three intense skipping Guinness World Records titles.
“I love skipping so much that I dream about it at night,” says Sada… No pressure then!
His first attempt is for the Most skips over a 10 m rope in 30 seconds – a record held by his friend Hijiki Ikuyama.
This challenge is much more difficult than it looks as the jump rope is seriosuly heavy, but Sada manages 20 skips and successfully equals the current record.
Next Sadatoshi attempts the title Most skips in 30 seconds using one foot. He has a tough record of 132 to beat and unfortunately after an impressive effort falls just five skips short.
Sada’s final and slightly painful challenge is for the Most bum skips in 30 seconds, which he achieves with a new total of 104.
Bum skips 
“Thank you everyone who supported me. I did it!”
The record-breaking rope skipper has been a fan of the sport for over 16 years and practices for one to two hours every day.
Sadatoshi Watanabe certificate presentation 
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