A super-sized beachball bounced its way into the record books today as Paramount Pictures marked the London premiere of the new Baywatch movie, with a successful attempt at the title for Largest inflatable beach ball. 

Fitting the theme of the classic 1990s television series, which centres around California lifeguards, the beach ball will be unveiled on the red carpet for fans to see. 
Largest beach ball boat 
Stars of the film including Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and Jon Bass were present to see the gigantic inflatable in person, which was exhibited on a boat in the River Thames.  
The stars also received certificates from official adjudicator Sofia Greenacre who was on hand to verify the record. 
Guidelines for the attempt stated that the ball must be made using the same materials of a standard beach ball, and surpass the current record holder, which stood at 15.82 m (51 ft 10 in) in diameter. 
With a total diameter of 19.97 m, the Baywatch beach ball, featuring a classic red and blue striped exterior, impressively beat a record that has stood since 2012.  
Largest beach ball certificate
Baywatch is now in theatres in the US and Europe, click the player below to watch a trailer.