Le Comité d'Organisation de la Fête de la Fraise in Beaulieu Sur Dordogne, France cooked up a special way to celebrate the strawberry festival’s 25th anniversary – making the world’s Longest fraisier pâtissier (French strawberry cake).
Fraisier pâtissier is a French strawberry cake made with fresh strawberries, layers of crème and sponge cake, often finished with a decorative marzipan topping.
Chefs working on the longest French strawberry cake 
This supersized replica of the traditional recipe included a whopping 720 eggs, 300 egg yolks, 27 kg sugar, 30 kg wheat flour and 200 kg of strawberries.
Five professional pastry chefs spent hours baking 55 individual sections of cake, before joining them up into one 32.24 metres long desert.
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Longest French strawberry cake portrait 
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Christelle Betrong flew out from London, UK to judge the attempt.
Longest French strawberry cake adjudicator 
Once she had confirmed a sweet success, the mouth-watering creation was cut into small pieces and sold to visitors at the festival, with all proceeds going to charity.