Family restaurant Chuck E. Cheese’s, celebrated its 40th birthday on a global scale recently by attempting the world record for the Most people blowing party blowers simultaneously (multiple venues). 
As part of their ‘Biggest Birthday Ever’ participants for the attempt joined together at 550 Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants nationwide to set the Guinness World Records title.
“We want to extend a huge thank you to all of the families that helped us make history this year,” said Michael Hartman, chief marketing officer at CEC Entertainment, Inc ahead of the attempt. “It’s because of all of you that we’ve been able to provide record-breaking family fun for forty years.” 
Most people blowing party blowers simultaneously (multiple venues) 3
 In honor of the anniversary, all participating Chuck E. Cheese locations served up more than 120,000 pieces of birthday cake to celebrate their new record-breaking total of 8,544 kids and families blowing party blowers.  
The figure beat the previous record of 6,961 people set in Tokyo, Japan back in 2009.  
Most people blowing party blowers simultaneously (multiple venues) 2
"I'm thrilled to welcome Chuck E. Cheese’s to the Guinness World Records family,” confirmed official adjudicator, Philip Robertson. “Seeing families come together in support of Chuck E. Cheese’s 40th birthday was certainly a fun and memorable experience." 
Chuck E. Cheese’s has played a strong hand in giving away more than 12.5 million free tickets to kids, as well as a generous partnership with the Make-A-Wish® foundation in granting 40 parties for suffering from illness. 
The brand hopes that their new record title enforces their mission to deliver positive experiences for families through fun, food, and play.
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