The 15 members of Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre (Hungary) have made a career out of performing basketball stunts and now they can add multiple Guinness World Records titles to their impressive repertoire of achievements.
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Over the years they have demonstrated their jaw-dropping sports tricks to audiences all over the world, including at circus festivals and variety shows. They even reached the semi-finals of television contest Britain’s Got Talent (UK) in 2012.
But Face Team’s Bálint Huszár always wanted to move on to record-breaking: “I was seven years old when I first looked in the Guinness World Records book and wondered which record I could beat. Face Team gave me the opportunity to try and beat these records.”
During a recent event in Budapest, Hungary, the team managed to break five record titles:

Farthest forward flip trampette slam dunk

Bálint beat a record that had remained unchallenged for almost eight years when he netted a basketball from a staggering distance of 6.18 metres (20.28 ft).  

The previous record of 6.09 metres (20 ft) held by Milwaukee Bucks Rim Rockers member David St. Pierre (USA) was achieved in 2008.

Bálint has been performing acrobatic basketball for six years, and trained for a week before attempting this challenge.
“This feels like a dream come true from my childhood,” he said after the record was confirmed.

Most basketball slam dunks by a team using a trampoline in one minute

Bálint Huszár, Áron Takács, Gergely Pálfi, Péter Szabó and Ádám Gyujtó worked together to net 39 balls, breaking the previous trampoline slam dunks record by three.
Aron Takacs 
The previous record holders were Team Turbo Dunk (USA), a feat achieved live on the set of NBC's TODAY show in New York USA in 2015.

Highest throw and catch of a spinning basketball

Tamás Felföldi and István Csapó both caught a rotating ball from a height of 4.62 metres (15. 15 ft).
They then went on to achieve the Most passes of a spinning basketball in one minute (pair) with 12.
“It gives me a really unique feeling to be a Guinness World Records title holder. I am proud to tell this story to my friends and family,” said István.

Longest time spinning a basketball on a guitar

Combining her musical and sporting talents into one incredible trick, Anna Malik kept a basketball spinning on the neck of her guitar for an impressive 13.23 seconds... while performing a song!
We recently caught up with Bálint and István to find out if Face Team have any plans to attempt more records in the future:
Bálint Huszár: “Now I know that I’m able to set a record, I’m definitely going to try to set some more. There are a few more records in acrobatic basketball that we will try to beat and make an even bigger mark at the Guinness World Records map!”
István Csapó: “We plan to keep these five records within the Face Team family. If anyone tries to break them, we will get them back asap. Oh, and by the way, we would like to send a message to the Harlem Globetrotters: We are coming to grab our sixth record soon, directly from them with Longest basketball shot while sitting on the court.”