Our new weekly video series Meet the Record Breakers – Japan Tour shines a spotlight on some of the most incredible world record holders from the nation. 
Guinness World Records recently visited the home of Masao Gunji, who has the world’s Largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia. 

Largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia 2
Located in Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan, those who enter Masao’s vibrantly pink home can see a variety of 5,169 Hello Kitty items lining the walls, tables and floors of the residence. 
Masao's incredible collection, which he has amassed over the course of the past 30 years with the help of his wife, comprises of everything from Hello Kitty-themed plushies, bento boxes, towels, stationary items, motorcycle helmets, clocks and even kitchen wear. 
Many people from Masao’s neighborhood enjoy looking at his collection, and in fact encouraged him to count every single item in his home so that he could apply for the record title. 
“Hello Kitty has always cheered me up when I was unhappy,” explains Masao. 
Largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia 3
Now that his hard work has paid off, Masao carries on adding to his collection whenever he can, and is grateful to everyone who assisted him in his pursuing the record title. 
Asako Kanda, also from Japan, held the previous record at 4,519  Hello Kitty items. 
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