We're marking the release of our all-new BlockBusters! 2017 book with the launch of a hugely addictive retro online game.
Created in conjunction with social gaming experts Gamee, Brick Stacker is an arcade-style puzzle game based on one of several physical challenges featured in the book, which readers can try at home.  
Based on the ‘Fastest time to stack 20 Lego® bricks in a right-angled tower’ record which appears in the Blockbuster Challenges spread in the new book, it’s a fun and challenging game that’s easy to play, yet hard to master.
Brick Stacker is the first in a series of three collaborations between Guinness World Records and Gamee, which has more than 4 million active users. 
Gamee is also running a competition on its Facebook page for the highest tower built, with the top three high scorers receiving a Blockbusters! goody bag and 10 runner-ups receiving a copy of the book.
Sam Fay, Guinness World Records' SVP of Global Brand Strategy, said: “We are excited to be partnering with a brand like Gamee, which is dedicated to delivering great gaming experiences for kids. 
“Gamee’s concept was founded on creating games without the intrusion of advertising, something we wholeheartedly support in looking to develop record-breaking experiences. 
“We are proud to have an innovative partner with such integrity and creativity, and hope everyone will have fun playing the game.”
Bozena Rezab, CEO of Gamee, added: “It’s exciting to see amazing records being translated into games, that anyone can play and share their results with friends. Gaming is the most engaging digital content, and we hope people will enjoy.” 
Brick Stacker-400-x-330-px.png
Brick Stacker can be played within a browser on PC and Mac at game.guinnessworldrecords.com.  Guinness World Records has also created a promotional video to support the game, featuring popular record-breaking talent. 
You can also play on mobile via the Gamee app, which is available to download from Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android users.
* Guinness World Records 2017 Blockbusters! Is now available in stores in the UK, the US and Australia and is jam-packed with the latest records from kids’ favourite movies, social media, music, toys and beyond. To find out more, head to http://kids.guinnessworldrecords.com/blockbusters