Appearing on UK television show Good Morning Britain earlier today, centenarian Jack Reynolds became the Oldest person to ride a non-inversion roller coaster.
Proving you’re never too old to set a world record, the great-granddad from Chesterfield, UK attempted this Guinness World Records title on his 105th birthday in a bid to raise money for a local air ambulance charity.
Jack Reynolds 
Jack’s roller coaster of choice was the Twistosaurus in Flamingo Land, Malton, and he sat alongside his 56-year-old daughter Jayne, Good Morning Britain’s Kay Rickitt and Dr Hilary Jones.
“It were okay. I’m going for another ride in a minute!” Jack said after the attempt.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Mark McKinley was on hand to verify the record.
This achievement is actually the second Guinness World Records title for thrill-seeking Jack Reynolds, who ticked an item off his bucket list on his 104th birthday last year when he became the Oldest person to receive their first tattoo.
Oldest man tattoo collage
We cant wait to see what challenge Jack takes on next!