Video: World record falls at hamburger eating competition in the Philippines

By Rachel Swatman
Zark’s burgers in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines is known locally for its competitive burger eating challenges, but the restaurant decided to step it up a notch during History Channel's ‘History Con’ event and invite their ten best food gobblers to attempt a Guinness World Records title.
After a tense round of knockouts, just Filipinos Kelvin “Zarkman” Medina and Ricardo “Rix Terabite” Francisco were left in the competition for the title Most hamburgers eaten in one minute.
24-year-old Rix Terabite proved he was the hungriest for the record and managed to consume a record-breaking five 107-gram patties in 60 seconds.
Asked how he felt after the attempt, Rix said: "Still hungry."
Although Zarkman missed out on a title this time, he still holds the record for Fastest time to eat a 12" pizza which he won in a previous contest.
Rix Terabite
Formerly, the record for most hamburgers eaten in a minute was held by multiple record-breaking competitive eater Peter Czerwinski, aka “Furious Pete”, who ate four hamburgers in the time slot.
The Guinness World Records rules for this hamburger eating challenge insist that only one burger is to be eaten at a time, using just one hand.
Participants are allowed to put just one condiment on their burgers and have a glass of water in their other hand – but no dunking is permitted.
The record for the Most hamburgers eaten in three minutes is held by Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi, who gobbled an impressive 12 burgers on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Milan, Italy.