Guinness World Records 2017 Blockbusters! is out now in the US, UK and Australia and features kids’ favourite record-breaking movies, toys, social media stars and pop-culture heroes from the past year.
Not only this, the book contains some brand new record challenges and we’re inviting you to become a blockbusters star in your own home.
We recently invited the hilarious star of BBC’s Officially Amazing TV show, Mr Cherry, to the Guinness World Records HQ in London to try out some of the records and help us explain the rules.

Most underwear put on in one minute (team of two)

Underpants challenge
Everybody knows that real superheroes wear their underpants on the outside, right? But even the likes of Batman and Superman would find this challenge an epic test of coordination.
The secret is figuring out the system that best works for your team before making an attempt for the record. Remember, you only have one minute so every second counts!

Most soft toys caught blindfolded in one minute (team of two)

Soft toys challenge
Round up all the cuddly toys you can find, and you and a teammate could have a record in the making.
There’s only one catch: one of you will be wearing a blindfold!
The secret to this challenge is good communication and lightning-quick reflexes. And whatever you do, don’t drop any of those toys.
See how family YouTubers Working With Lemons got on:

Fastest time to match 20 emoji pairs

Emoji pairs
We now use emoji to communicate more than ever, but this record isn’t about keeping in touch – it’s a test of memory.
There are two different ways to take on this challenge: online or with physical cards – it’s up to you!

Fastest time to stack a 20 brick right angle LEGO® tower (one hand)

LEGO brick challenge
Building a tower of 20 LEGO bricks might sound simple, but don’t be fooled… When you’re up against the clock, every fumbled brick of slip of concentration can eat up valuable milliseconds.
There are two version of this record – one using normal sized bricks and one used large LEGO® bricks. Which will you try?
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