Multiple record-breaking artist Saimir Strati from Albania has achieved a new Guinness World Records title for the Largest staple mosaic for his enormous portrait of Saint Mother Teresa.
The mosaic is composed of a staggering 1.5 million individual brown and white staples and measures 10 m² (107ft² 92in²).
Saimir with his record-breaking staple mosaic
It took almost a month to complete before being unveiled at the National Museum of Kosovo in the capital, Pristina, where it will remain permanently displayed.
“I decided to make this record in honour of Mother Teresa,” the 50-year-old artist said.
Talking about the ongoing refugee crisis, Saimir added: “Only Mother Teresa’s humanism may save them.”
“I saw so many staples used for leaflets and papers at the G-20 summit. But those papers have yet to bring peace and a better life in this world.”
Celebrating completing largest staple mosaic
The sparkly mosaic includes the words "Peace begins with a smile."
This new record adds to the tally of achievements by the Albanian artist, which include the Largest screw artwork, Largest drinking straw mosaic and Largest brush mosaic (pictured below).
Largest brush mosaic