Meet fourteen-year-old Maxwell Day from London, UK who earned a place in Guinness World Records 2017 Edition thanks to his unique and flexible feet.
Maxwell’s talent was discovered at the Minecraft conference Minecon 2015, where Guinness World Records Live! was visiting.
He saw a photo of Moses Lanham, who was the record holder for Largest foot rotation at the time, and told a member of Guinness World Records staff he could break the record.
After reviewing his application we can now confirm that Maxwell can rotate his right foot an incredible 157° and his left foot 143° - breaking Moses's record of 120°.
Moses Lanham
“I have always been able to do this and would like to share my talent,” he said.
Surprisingly, Max says that rotating his feet comes very naturally and he feels no pain at all.
Maxwell Day 
Maxwell was thrilled to find out he was featured in the Guinness World Records 2017 Edition: “I am now in a book which I have been looking at for years.”
Moses, the former record holder for this title, still holds the title for Fastest time to walk 20 m with the feet facing backwards. He achieved the act of rapid reverse pedestrianism in a time of 19.59 seconds.