Leadership organisation YPO's Edge conference in Vancouver, Canada earlier this month played host to a successful record attempt by tech company Mobileye for the Most people using virtual reality displays. 

A total of 1,867 attendees experienced an immersive 360 presentation, which allowed them to virtually ride in a driverless car, showcasing Mobileye’s cutting edge technology in advanced collision avoidance systems and autonomous driving – successfully earning the Israeli company the record.   
Most people using virtual reality displays1
The 2017 YPO EDGE conference this year had the theme of sparking ideas by infusing innovation into communities around the world, with the record attempt taking place as a surprise ending to a keynote speech given by Mobileye’s Co-founder and CEO, Ziv Aviram. 
In order to meet guidelines, participants were required to use the virtual reality displays for at least three minutes simultaneously in order for them to count towards the final total.
Most people using virtual reality displays5
Mobileye launched in 1999 with the belief that vision-safety technology will make our roads safer, reduce traffic congestion and save lives. 
Now they have effectively conveyed that mission with virtual reality themed record attempt involving over a thousand global executives from around the world. 
Most people using virtual reality displays2 
Official adjudicator Christina Conlon was present to congratulate Mobileye with a certificate confirming their title as well as highlighting the importance of this achievement.
Most people using virtual reality displays3