The people of Watari Town in Miyagi, Japan have achieved a new Guinness World Records title for the Most people picking strawberries simultaneously (single venue).
Official adjudicator Yoko Furuya watched as 1,141 people worked together to set the delicious record.
This record had particular meaning to the residents of Watari, as a recent earthquake and tsunami damaged their soil which had previously been known for producing a huge amount of strawberries.
Families picking strawberries 
The record challenge took place in one of the enormous greenhouses that were set up to grow tasty “Mou-ikko” strawberries after the devastating natural disaster.
There was an atmosphere of community spirit as hundreds local people got together at the fruit farm with their friends and families to attempt this record.
Baby eating a strawberry 
Adjudicator Yoko said: “I think it is a nice challenge in a sweet strawberry scent.”
Strawberry picking certificate presentation 
Interestingly, the world's Heaviest strawberry came from Japan. Koji Nakao picked it in Fukuoka in 2015 and found it weighed a whopping 250 g (8.82 oz).
"Oishii," she said - which means, “It’s delicious.”