Each week at Guinness World Records, we'll be rounding up the recent highlights from our incredible live broadcasts on our official Facebook page.
Featuring fascinating live record-breaking action and interviews from around the world, our broadcasts also give our viewers the chance to ask our talented title holders a question or two.
If you missed any of the action from the past week - no worries, we’ve gathered up a selection of the best videos for you to watch below. 
We kicked off the week with a fun new episode of Asha Attempts, this time with special guest and YouTube star Nicole Arbour. At the International Chess Park in Santa Monica, California, Asha and Nicole got together to take on a few board game themed record titles. The pair tried their hand at Fastest time to arrange a chess set (team of two), using an interesting rhythmic method involving dancing and matching track suits. With spirited efforts, Asha and Nicole took on the individual category as well as tackling the pair record to see who would become the chess champion.

Later that day, Asha took on another Guinness World Records challenge, this time for the Fastest Jenga Tower - extra 10 levels by an individual, requiring her to stack ten tiers of bricks using one hand on top of a standard 18-level tower. Watch in the video below as Asha gives the record her best shot at beating the current mark of 30.78 seconds, with videographer Evan popping out from behind the camera to to go head to head with our presenter to see who make some block building history.

Our team worked its way over to Australia for our next live video, which featured a special guest from the ongoing Adelaide Festival. There, our host The Space Cowboy met up with “the world’s smallest strongman” to see if he was able to obtain the record for Most playing cards torn in half in one minute.  Goliath is a rather accomplished strongman, able to lift two and a half times his body weight, as well as holding three gold medals from the World Dwarf Games. While he attempts a “speed based” record in this particular video, the act of ripping a deck of cards in half is actually a skill performed by some of our most resilient record holders. With a few sneak peeks to show the magnitude of his strength, such as breaking a steel chain around his neck, you find out in the video below if Goliath became an official Guinness World Records title holder. 

Continuing at the Adelaide Festival, The Space Cowboy interviewed multi-record holder Gordo Gambsy. Holding titles for the Most cigar box end-to-ends in 30 seconds (at 36), Most fire clubs juggled whilst sword swallowing (three clubs), and Heaviest weight pulled with the tongue (at a whopping 291 pounds), he takes viewers through a terrifying recap on what was needed to achieve those records. Gordo also provides some tips for anyone who might want to try juggling at home. At the end of the broadcast, he even shows a small sample of his more extreme stunts, by placing a fishhook through his tongue and lifting a rather heavy disco ball! To see the impressive feat for yourself, click the video below!

Wednesday saw Australian acrobat Rowan Thomas execute his trademark “coin spin” using a huge hollowed metal wheel. By stepping into the ring and using extreme body control, Rowan is able to flip and turn a Cyr Wheel on its axis in a number of ways. The sideshow performer, who has never held a Guinness World Records title previously, agreed to attempt the Most coin spins on a Cyr Wheel in 30 seconds to beat the current record of 45. With 3-4 hours of practice each day, Rowan seemed confident in his ability to set a new record title. With an anxious audience including his mum willing him on, check out the video below to find out how he did. 

Our final broadcast of the week from Australia ended with nails, swords and handle bar moustaches. The Space Cowboy caught up with Donny Thomas as he attempted the record for Most nails inserted into the nose in 30 seconds, trying to overcome a daunting minimum of 15. Calling himself the “human blockhead” Donny regularly performs this stunt using 4 inch nails, check out how he performs the fear under te pressure of a record attempt in the clip below.