Each week at Guinness World Records, we'll be rounding up the recent highlights from our incredible live broadcasts on our official Facebook page.
Featuring fascinating live record-breaking action and interviews from around the world, our broadcasts also give our viewers the chance to ask our talented title holders a question or two.
If you missed any of the action from the past week - no worries, we’ve gathered up a selection of the best videos for you to watch below. 
Wrapping up last week's shows, Asha Leo came back with another hysterically funny episode of "Asha Attempts", this time featuring comedian and YouTube star Ali Spagnola. The two went head to head in Asha’s Los Angeles apartment to see if they could set a record for the Fastest time to stack twenty LEGO right angle bricks using one hand. In a deceptively fun challenge, which features in the "try this at home" section in this year’s Blockbuster 2017 edition book, the pair went wild trying different tactics to complete the exciting challenge. Why not watch below to get some tips for your own attempt at the record!

As February unofficially marks the month of love, we started this week’s Facebook Live line up with a marital record attempt, for Fastest time to dress in a full bridal outfit! With Asha and Ali back on the scene for this wedding challenge, the broadcast began inside a bridal shop in Los Angeles, featuring adjudicator Sofia Greenacre to verify the attempt. With an ensemble of gown, veil, garter, rings, shoes, stockings and a gorgeous bouquet – the show continued until pretend bride Asha actually achieved the record! Find out her time and see her successful attempt; you won’t want to miss her achieve her second record title for Valentine’s Day!

Our team then traveled to Sydney, Australia to meet up with record holder and professional martial arts man Glenn Coxon. Glenn, who happens to be a black belt in several styles, currently holds the record for Most pine boards broken in a minute – a favourite feat that many enjoy watching for its mastery. In an interview with Glenn, we learn about his 51 years of experience in the field of martial arts, as well as how he first got into the sport. In a remarkable story of using self-defense to overcome bullying, the pro explains how he decided to be empowered instead of victimised. Boasting a prolific career as a record holder and professional that has seen him appear numerous times on TV, in our broadcast Glenn gives his tips to aspiring martial artists. 

To finish off a great week, we ended in London to see if a man-made volcano, formally known as “Trashcano”, would achieve a record for Largest liquid nitrogen model volcano. With scientist Dr. Nate present to tell us about the chemical components of such a massively cool volcano, audience members got to see it explode. To see this life-size science experiment attain a record, be sure to watch the clip!