The Dudes are back at it again – this time conquering the sport of American football. 
Ahead of the Super Bowl, the trick shot kings reconvened at the Texas Christian University’s Amon G. Carter Stadium located in Fort Worth, Texas (USA) to tackle 14 world record titles - 11 of which had never been attempted before.
With official adjudicator Michael Empric on hand to verify the Dudes latest set of record attempts, the first day of filming saw the athletes notch up an amazing nine new titles: 
Most consecutive punt return catches caught and held: Stepping up to the plate to kick things off were Cody Jones and Tyler Toney. With Tyler kicking, Cody did his best to capture all footballs coming his way, obtaining a record breaking total of five. 
Most American football snaps in one minute (pair): Next followed duo Coby and Cory Cotton, affectionately known as Twin #1 and Twin #2. In order for their attempt to be successful, the two brothers had to adhere to proper snap form - a motion that involves hiking the ball backwards between ones’ legs and having a partner catch it. With a grand finish of 61 snaps, the twins achieved the title. 
Most American football passes through a tire in one minute: Tyler Toney came back to triumph with this record, which involved gliding a football as many times as possible through an elevated tire in just one minute. Earning 37 complete passes, Tyler racked up another record to add to Dude Perfect's tally.  
• Most one-handed American football catches in one minute: The Dudes are no joke, this record title was previously held by professional NFL players Antonio Brown and Kirk Cousins, with 40 catches.  Prior to those record holders, Odell Bekcham Jr. and Drew Brees achieved this record during Super Bowl week in 2015 – meaning that Tyler Toney and Stephen Baca (a friend of the Dudes) would have to beat out FOUR NFL players to take the title. Luckily their skills prevailed, with the pair managing an impressive 42 catches. 
• Farthest blindfolded catch of an American football while in motion: For this attempt, Cory Cotton ran blindfolded in the end zone with the hopes of catching a football thrown by fellow Dude Garrett Hilbert. After a suspenseful silence with the ball mid-air, both Cory and Garrett obtained the record at a distance of 22.3 yards! 
• Farthest behind-the-back catch of an American football: This brand new record title was owned by Garrett Hilbert, who caught the ball in a fluid motion behind his back at an amazing distance of 41.3 yards. 
• Longest pass of an American football through a tire: Cody Jones came back to achieve this title which had never been pulled off before. Passing the pigskin 30 yards across the field, the ball narrowed straight through the whole of a tire, giving him the record. 
• Longest American football pass caught between the legs (team of two): This record was potentially the most painful to attempt out of the 11. Tyler Toney this time took on catching duties, with Cody Jones throwing. The duo made a successful pairing with a record-achieving catch achieved at an awesome 35 yards. 

• Farthest American football throw into a target: Arguably one of the most remarkable records any of the Dudes have achieved yet, Tyler Toney had the daunting task of throwing a football across the field into a basketball hoop target, without being able to use to backboard. With high pressure, and a rather small target, Tyler exceed expectations by obtaining the record at 50 yards. 
The following day, the Dude Perfect team gathered back at the stadium to accomplish five more titles, this time, with way more stunts and audience members than ever before. 
Farthest American football field goal kick into a target: A near impossible title to achieve, Garrett Hilbert nevertheless managed to kick the ball into a basketball hoop without the use of the backboard at a 30 yard distance, pulling off one of the most challenging feats of the 11. 

Greatest height from which an American football is thrown into a target: Tyler Toney was on fire for 48 hours of record breaking, tackling this record in the night hours, which added to the further challenge of the target being more difficult to see, while also having to squint through distracting lights. Tyler's super skills prevailed, and he made it at 30.38 metres (99 ft 8 in). 
Farthest distance to hit a moving target with an American football throw: With a sharp eye, Cody Jones wound up his arm and kept is eye on the target he needed to hit. With friends and fellow stars Coby Cotton and Cory Cotton tossing he finally succeeded the record at 30 yards following a few unsuccessful attempts. 
Farthest blindfolded catch of an American football (stationary): Coby Cotton came back to try another blindfold catch title, only this time he was not allowed to move from the spot he was standing in. With Cody Jones throwing and using his best aim to get the ball to Coby, the pair attained the record title at an impressive 40 yards. 
• Greatest height from which an American football is caught: The Dudes went above and beyond for this attempt by getting a helicopter to drop the football into the field of the stadium. With a large crowd filled with students and professors of the university, Tyler Toney caught the extremely fast-falling object at a record breaking height of 563 feet in the air - in turn showcasing the level of the team's outstanding trick shot skills. 
The haul of new records follows on from the YouTube team's similarly successful bid for 11 basketball record titles last year, which ranged from the Longest basketball shot blindfolded (71 feet) all the way to Greatest height from which a basketball is shot
The later title has become arguably the trick shot for which Dude Perfect are best known for, with the team managing to successfully throw the ball off a 533 foot building and make it into the hoop for the record! 
This year they beat that height using a football by 30 more feet - extraordinary!