As part of their ongoing "Chronicles of a Record Breaker" series, sports entertainment network Whistle Sports invited American Ultimate Disc League player Brodie Smith to attempt some Guinness World Records challenges.

Since becoming an internet sensation back in 2011, after posting some incredible frisbee trick shot videos on YouTube, Brodie has set his sights on several Guinness World Records titles.

During a record-breaking extravaganza in Brooklyn, New York, Brodie first attempted the title Most behind-the-back flying disc (frisbee) catches in one minute.

"This is not a thing we do often in frisbee, but we’re willing to give it a shot," he said, after inviting his friend Marques Brownlee to help him out in the team challenge.

The pair – with Brodie throwing and Marques catching – managed to smash the previous number of 24, achieving a new record of 31.

Brodie went solo for the next attempt, Most drink cans hit with flying discs in one minute.

Aiming to beat the mark of 28 set by Canada’s Robert McLeod in 2015, the frisbee pro knocked down an impressive 31 cans.

The YouTube star was elated to receive yet another official certificate: "This will go up on my mantel. I appreciate this a lot!"

Brodie Smith GWR certificate presentation

With title number two in the bag, Brodie felt confident in his attempts at the Most flying disc (frisbee) passes in one minute by a pair, Most consecutive ultimate flying disc (frisbee) passes and Most cones hit with flying discs in one minute.

However, arguably Brodie's most impressive success on the day was the Longest flying disc target throw. Exceeding his own record of 45.72 m (150 ft), the frisbee pro set a spectacular new mark of 46.33 m (152 ft).

"When I made it, I blacked out. I have no idea what happened," – Brodie Smith.

Find out how he got on in the videos below:

"I'm so pleased to say I’m taking my six Guinness World Records titles home to Dallas, Texas, hanging them up on my wall and remembering October 11 2017 for the rest of my life."

Brodie Smith GWR photoshoot