It’s not hard to spot Charlotte Guttenberg and Chuck Helmke in their hometown of Melbourne, Florida. 

The happy couple currently have 97.5% of their bodies covered in intricate tattoos which have helped them become known to the world as the Most tattooed senior citizens. 

To get an inside look on what it’s like to wear such a magnificent work of art, Asha Leo ventures down to the sunshine state as part of Guinness World Records’ new Facebook Watch show, Beyond the Record.

Most tattooed senior citizens 4

In this episode, Chuck and Charlotte explain when they first became interested in tattoos (well over the age of 50!) and the inspiration for the types of images they display on their bodies. 

Chuck even has the record for Most skulls tattooed on the body, at an incredible 376!

The pair also discuss their relationship, and how they were brought together by fate when Chuck helped Charlotte get through the pain of her first tattoo session. 

Most tattooed senior citizens 2

“I knew immediately that I wanted to get a full suit,” mentions Charlotte, recalling her initial decision to get her first tattoo. 

Asha discovers how often Chuck and Charlotte get stopped by others who are interested in learning more about the work that went into creating such a colorful canvas. 

Most tattooed senior citizens 3

But the pair also share how they respond to negative and judgmental commentary, which happens from time to time. 

“Having the tattoos has given us the ability to show everybody that you can be different, you can express yourself, and it doesn’t matter how you do it,” - Charlotte Gutternberg.

Enticed to know more about Chuck and Charlotte? Check out the preview or watch the full Beyond the Record episode.