The British man behind the Batman cosplay suit that went viral last year has completed his second record-breaking costume – the world’s Tallest Star Wars cosplay costume.

Julian Checkley and his Order 66 Creatures and Effects studio created a fully mobile costume depicting the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens character Grummgar that stands at approximately 2.69 metres tall.

The outfit is incredibly detailed and took 100 days to construct; its chest features a real-time voice changer and built-in amp so wearers can sound like the big-game hunter and mercenary, as well as look like him.

Julian says the biggest challenge building this costume was making it light enough to wear, because it is such a huge costume. Just one foot weighs about 20 kg.

Tallest Star Wars cosplay costume 2

"We deliberately aimed for around this height [2.7 m] as this was the official height of the character in the Star Wars cannon. It's REALLY heavy so I have been training hard in the gym since I started building him. I can walk around unassisted in the costume but for probably a maximum of around 30 minutes before I die!" - Julian Checkley.

The costume won the award for best overall costume at the Star Wars Celebration Europe event in July 2016 and has earned the longtime Star Wars fan a place in Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer’s Edition alongside hundreds of other gaming achievements.

Guinness World Records 2018 collection

Previously Julian earned worldwide fame with his Batman outfit that has the Most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit.

Featuring 23 devices including smoke bombs, a grapnel gun and ‘bat tracker’, UV lamp, NBC (nuclear, bacterial, chemical) bat respirator and even a bat sign projector for the night sky.