Those who love Christmas will be eager to learn of the L.A. Beast’s newest accomplishment, a record in theme with the holiday season. 

The competitive eater - real name Kevin Strahle – has sunk his teeth into the Fastest time to eat all chocolates from an advent calendar. 

Typically, an advent calendar is used as a fun and interactive way of counting down the December days until Christmas, usually filled with chocolates or other surprises in the 24 boxes prior to 25 December; the idea being that one box is opened each day.

LA Beast 2 

However the beast was hungry to devour the contents of each container in under two minutes – a minimum he had so for not been able to achieve.

For the occasion, Kevin traveled to Guinness World Records' New York office, where he attempted the title live on Facebook in conjunction with the Beyond the Records series.

Though he seemed apprehensive at first, a combination of hard work, determination, and practice paid off with L.A. Beast giving himself an early Christmas present with a final time of 1 min 27 secs, prompting him to wave the empty calendar triumphantly after being declared the record holder. 

LA Beast

Unlike past attempts, the competitive speed-eater was able to answer questions after eating all chocolates in lightning speed.

"Congratulations to L.A. Beast on his successful record attempt by smashing the advent calendar title that was over six months in the making. He seemed pretty down after being unsuccessful with his original attempts back in April, so it was good to see him take it in stride and come back to tackle this redemption record successfully," - Adjudicator, Casey DeSantis.

LA Beast 3

Previously, the YouTube star has speed-eating records for titles involving chicken nuggets,powdered doughnuts, and fiery Bhut Jolokia peppers.

Kevin has an incredible story, one that our Facebook Live host Asha Leo takes a closer look at in our new Facebook Watch series, Beyond the Record where she learns more about the epic eater and the buffet of record titles he has attained.