You might have seen balloon sculptures at local festivals or carnivals, but we guarantee you've never seen anything quite like the creations of Tom Kent.

The UK-based record holder has entered the Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer’s Edition for constructing the world's Largest balloon costume, an outfit which takes the shape of beloved Pokémon character Pikachu.

Pokémaniacs will be thrilled to know the costume was made from around 350 yellow, black, and red modelling balloons.

Largest balloon costume 3

Tom managed to tie together each balloon to make a three dimensional, 262 cm (103 in) high and 159 cm (62 in) wide suit.

His love of Pikachu stems from childhood, when a young Tom would play Pokémon video games on his Game Boy and watch the television series.

It wasn't until recently that he thought about recreating the Pocket Monster in his favourite art form.

To make a balloon costume, the entertainer always creates a blueprint of the character and researches their features to make sure his design is in accordance with their key attributes.

It took Tom about 10 hours to create this incredible character costume.

Like all masters, he began with the basics, starting with small balloon dogs and swords at the age of fourteen.

Now the talented entertainer, who goes by "Tom Tricks" for events, can make elaborate and massive structures like Batman characters, princesses, and Despicable Me minions.

Largest balloon costume 2

Tom says that one of the most challenging aspects of attending events with a balloon costume is ensuring that excited children don't accidentally pop them!

Though he is overjoyed to have been rewarded with a Guinness World Records title for his years of hard work, Tom says that his art is driven by a desire to fuel kids' imagination, creativity, and laughter.

It's with this light-hearted idea that Tom is inspired to further his current record title. 

While Pikachu is the largest costume he's created so far, he has plans to try making even bigger balloon structures in the future.

As a proud record holder, Tom has advice for beginners starting out in the craft.

"If there's anyone out there would like to try and start doing balloon art, be patient - it takes time, but you will get it eventually. When I first started making balloon animals I was rubbish at it. Every time I would try and make something simple like a dog or a sword it would pop instantly. But with a lot of time and a lot of patience, you will eventually be able to create your own designs like this one."

You can find Tom and his record in this year’s Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer's Editon alongside other prolific title holders from the gaming world.

Gamer's edition 1