Those looking to live a calm and fulfilling life could certainly take a page from Tao Porchon-Lynch’s book.

The 99-year-old currently still regularly teaches classes in New York as the world’s former Oldest yoga teacher, not letting age or time slow her down.

In this final episode of our Facebook Watch series, Beyond the Record, host Asha Leo puts on her athletic wear to learn more about the record holder’s life, and discovers her motivation to still teach not only yoga but also participate in ballroom dancing.

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In her early days as a child in India, Tao explains how her interest in yoga began after seeing two boys on the beach “playing a game”.

At the time, yoga was considered quite unladylike, and a young and curious Tao was scolded for participating.

Years later in her adult life, Tao would let a string of whirlwind events bring her to the acting scene in Hollywood, where she would fine-tune her flexibility and technique in yoga, while also acting alongside household personas in California.

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It was her openness for opportunity that led her to such milestone moments in her life, including her most recent, of receiving the Guinness World Records title for being the Oldest competitive ballroom dancer.

To this day, she’s earned seven first place titles in the sport, after starting to perform again at the age of 85.

It’s no secret that the zen and whimsical nature of her life has made her an inspiration to others.

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When asked about her outlook on life, Tao smiled and mentioned:

"When I wake up in the morning I say to myself, ‘this is going to be the best day of my life’. I don’t want to wake up and think, ‘oh I have to do this, oh I have to do that’. I don’t believe in that at all. I really and truly believe, that whatever you put in your mind materializes."

In the course of her eventful life, viewers discover that Tao values many things, but above all, the principles that yoga has enlightened her.

"It taught me first, how to breathe, how to look at things in life, don’t jump to conclusions – feel what’s going on inside of you and determine if it’s worth spending time bemoaning things that seem wrong. I don’t want to sit there and think about the bad things that have happened. I am only interested in what I can do."

To learn more about the life of Tao, and the experiences she has underwent in her journey of becoming a Guinness World Records title holder, take a look at the preview below or watch the full episode here.