If there's one thing that there tends to be plenty of at Christmas, it's food.

Whether it's Christmas dinner, chocolates or other seasonal treats, there often seems to be a never-ending supply.

So with the annual yuletide festivities upon us once more, we at Guinness World Records have put together some of the biggest and best Christmas food-related records.

From mince pies to sprouts and chocolate to full Christmas dinners – there have been plenty of records set at this time of year.

1. Tallest chocolate Father Christmas (hollow)

There's something about chocolate Santas that means they always taste good.

Rarely though are they as big as this; back in 2011 the one in Mirabello shopping centre in Cantù, Italy, measured 5 m (16 ft 4.85 ins) tall.

The diameter of the chocolate Father Christmas measured 2.5 m (8 ft 2.42 ins) at its widest point while the total weight was 1,704 kg (1.88 tonnes).

Six people worked for three weeks to make it, with the chocolate being produced by the Italian family-run business, Tosca, from Cremona.

Tallest chocolate Father Christmas

2. Fastest time to eat three mince pies

Mince pies are a household favourite at Christmastime, however few people can eat them as quickly as Australian, Robert Lee.

Set in the rather less-Christmassy month of August, Robert munched his way through three in just 54 seconds in Ellenbrook.

3. Largest Christmas pudding

It's been 25 years since this record was last set, and you'll need a lot of ingredients to beat it.

Weighing in at an enormous 3.28 tonnes - that's 7,231 lbs 1 oz - this pudding took the villagers of Aughton, Lancashire, eight days to put together between 3-11 July 1992 with the British villagers completing it the day before the Aughton Pudding Festival.

4. Fastest time to eat all chocolates from an advent calendar

Most people eat the chocolates from advent calendars slowly; one treat a day from 1 December through to 24 December.

Not L.A. Beast.

He got through the whole lot in 1 min 27 secs which includes opening each door - in the correct order - and eating them one by one.

5. Tallest cake

OK, strictly speaking it's not a Christmas record but it was set during a yuletide event.

In November 2008 Hakasima-Nilasari Culinary School made the Tallest cake for an event called Amazing Christmas held in Senayan City, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Standing 33 m (108.27 ft) tall and 9 m (29.53 ft) wide and with a weight of 20 tons (18143.69 kg), this monster of a cake was comprised of:

  • 1750 kg of powdered sugar (3858.09 lbs)
  • 1620 kg of sugar (3571.49 lbs)
  • 1620 kg of margarine (3571.49 lbs)
  • 162 kg of powdered milk (357.15 lbs)
  • 243 kg of powdered chocolate (535.72 lbs)
  • 100 litre of liquid sugar (3.52 fl oz)
  • 3240 kg of eggs (7142.98 lbs)

Tallest cake

6. Largest Christmas dinner

You'd need a large appetite to eat your way through the Largest Christmas dinner, a 9.6 kg (21.16 lb) festive feast what was dished up on Christmas Eve (24 December) 2013.

Made up of turkey, carrots, parsnips, broccoli pieces, cauliflower pieces, roast potatoes, pigs-in-blankets and 25 sprouts, it was served by Ashley and Louise Gargan at the Duck Inn in the British village of Oakenshaw, Worcestershire.

7. Largest gingerbread house

Do you like gingerbread? If so then you'll love this house which was created by the Traditions Club in Bryan, Texas, USA, in 2013.

With an internal volume of 1,110.1 m³ (39,201.8 ft³), the house measured 18.28 m (60 ft) long, 12.8 m (42 ft) wide and 3.07 m (10.1 ft) tall at its highest point.

Visitors to the house were able to meet Santa Claus in exchange for a donation to a local hospital to help build a new trauma centre.

Largest gingerbread house

8. Most Brussels sprouts eaten in one minute

Sprouts are everywhere at Christmas - supermarkets are so full of them you often find loose ones rolling around on the floor in the fruit and veg section and tempers can get frayed if shops run low.

But how many can you eat?

Using just a cocktail stick, Linus Urbanec managed to get through 31 when he set the new record for the Most Brussels sprouts eaten in one minute in Rottne, Sweden, in 2008.

9. Largest cup of hot chocolate/cocoa

Largest cocoa / hot chocolate

The newest record on the list, having only been set on 16 December 2017, the Largest cup of hot chocolate/cocoa is much, much bigger than your regular mug.

Soda Springs Mountain Resort in California, USA, created a 4,506.83 litre (1,190.58 US gal) cup.

If you want one yourself the recipe is:

  • 4,163.95 litres (1,100 US gal) of water
  • 226.79 kg (500 lb) of hot cocoa mix 
  • 37.85 litres (10 US gal) of milk
  • Served at 41.1 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit)

10. Most pigs-in-blankets made in one minute

most pigs in blankets made in one minute

Pigs-in-blankets are a staple for many people's Christmas dinners, but how quickly can you make them?

You probably can't make them as quickly as German record holer, Andre Ortolf, who put together 17 in one minute in Augsberg, Bavaria, in May 2016.

11. Longest yule log

At more than a kilometre long, the Longest yule log was created by Pudong Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai, China, on 1 December 2011.

In total it was 1,068 m (3,503 ft 11.24 ins).

Meanwhile the Largest yule log weighed an epic 2.49 tonnes (5,505.3 lbs) at Edmonton's Northlands Spectrum in the Canadian state of Alberta in December 2000.

Although it didn't reach the length of the Longest yule log, it was still 21.95 m (72 ft) long, 45.72 cm (18 ins) wide and 33.02 cm (13 ins) tall.

After the record attempt it was fed to 3,500 guests at Nortlands Park before the leftovers were donated to Edmonton Food Bank.

12. Largest gingerbread village (by area)

Largest gingerbread village by area

Question: what's better than one gingerbread house? Answer: lots of them!

In December 2015, 16 chefs put together 216 buildings over 27 blocks to create the Largest gingerbread village (by area) in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

In total the village measured 45.29 m² (487 ft² 72 in²) and was 14.72 m long x 5.99 m wide.

And don't think the village wasn't detailed. It contained elements of a Yucatan Peninsula town with exact replicas of the municipal palace, a train station, the military academy, palapa houses, the town plaza and the church of some of the towns in the region.

Afterwards the gingerbread village was donated to a domestic abuse shelter for consumption.

Largest gingerbread village area