Lots of people can crack their knuckles, but Kalai Selven Kali Shanmugham has the unusual ability to crack many different parts of his body.

The Brit’s impressive talent has led him to break the record for the Most joints cracked continuously, with a total of 32.

In order to verify the record, Guinness World Records required Kal to attempt the challenge inside a sound proof studio fitted with microphones.

The sound of 32 different joints cracking is incredible. Watch the video below to hear it:

Two witnesses counted the pops from behind a glass window, so as not to interfere with the sound, and a timekeeper made sure there was no more than a three second gap between each click.

"I crack joints during nervous occasions, usually during crucial cricket matches," said the 28-year-old from Brentwood in Essex. "Nail-biting moments are usually joints cracking moments for me."

"It has never been painful or uncomfortable."

The previous record of 26 was held by James Syiemiong from India, who was able to crack a total of 26 different bone joints in May 2003.

"When I heard there was a record for this, I was sure that I could beat 26, but it required some practice to stick the criteria," - Kalai Selven Kali Shanmugham.

Kal with his official GWR certificate

The first research on joint cracking was done by two London-based doctors back in 1947, who found that "the cracking noise was made by the formation of a vapour cavity, or bubble, in the synovial fluid – a slippery substance that lubricates the joint – as the joints are forced apart."

Interestingly, once a joint has been cracked it takes at least 20 minutes before the person is able do it again. This adds to the pressure during record attempts because it leaves no space for mistakes!