Slime extraordinaire Maddie Rae has made headlines after creating over six tons of slime at Play Fair Convention and Expo in New York. 

The event, which took place at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan on Saturday 4 November, hosted an official record attempt where several YouTube slimers and attendees would try to make the world’s Largest slime. 

The title was spearheaded by lead slime-maker Maddie Rae, who is just 12 years old and known for having her own line of slime glue.

Largest slime 5 

Maddie directed hundreds of children in mixing her proprietary slime glue, liquid starch, purple pigment powder, and purple glitter to create the final slime in a massive pool of colorful, sparkly goo.

Largest slime 7

Because of the size of the slime, many child volunteers needed to step into the pool and mix the ingredients using their feet! 

As you can see, they enjoyed the fruits of their labour: 

Largest slime 3 

In total, the group managed to craft an incredible amount of slime, which weighed 6,268.64 kg (13,820 lb). 

Largest slime 2 

Surprisingly, it only took volunteers one hour and 57 minutes to fill the pool with purple slime. 

Once verified, part of the final pool was given away as souvenirs to Play Fair attendees, the remains being sold online with all proceeds being donated to hurricane relief funds.

Largest slime 6 

This title mark’s Maddie Rae’s first ever record, as well as the first time anyone has attempted to make the world’s largest slime.