Beyond the Record: Mr Cherry

Serial record-breaker Mr Cherry has attempted one of his best-loved records in the first episode of Guinness World Records' brand new Facebook Show, Beyond the Record.

Every week we’ll be providing a preview of the latest episode from the series which showcases five record holders from around the world.

Each record holder will have their own unique episode, talk about their achievements and sometimes attempt a new record too! 

In this first episode of Beyond the Record, presenter Asha Leo meets and informs 18-time title holder Mr Cherry that his record for the Most nuts crushed by sitting down in one minute has been taken, a title he is determined to reclaim.

While Mr. Cherry prepares to attempt the record once again, Asha discovers just what inspired the enthusiastic showman to begin record-breaking in the first place.

Watch the full episode to see if he achieves his goal and learn more about the emotional story that spurs him on.

Beyond the Record: Mr Cherry 4

Mr Cherry has appeared several times on Guinness World Records' television series, Officially Amazing, and holds records for in an array of categories. 

A few of his records include the Fastest 50 m running on all fours backwards, Most sticky notes stuck on the body in 30 seconds, Most hair clips put in to a wig in 30 seconds, Most baked beans eaten with chopsticks in one minute all the way to his first and most popular title, Most nuts crushed by sitting down in 30 seconds.  

Beyond the Record: Mr Cherry 5

If you’ve ever desired to know what it’s like to take a walk in the shoes of multi-record breaker, the world’s shortest women, or even the most tattooed senior citizen couple – then this is the show for you! 

Make sure you never miss an episode by liking and following the Beyond the Record Facebook page.

Four more episodes will be appearing on the page over the next month with one being released per week. 

Beyond the Record: Mr Cherry 3