The Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, known locally as Dia de los Muertos, is an annual event that honours friends and family members who have passed away. 

Traditionally the people of Mexico observe the holiday from 31 October with festivities lasting until 2 November. 

During this time, locals mark the occasion by creating colorful, vibrant and personalized altars with the hopes of connecting to the dead. 

Largest day of the dead altar 5

As of this week, the Government of Hidalgo in Mexico has taken Day of the Dead rituals to epic proportions, remembering this year’s holiday by making the Largest Day of the Dead altar in history. 

From the outside the bright structure is adorned in 9,200 flowers which form a skull – a custom of the holiday in Mexican heritage. 

Largest day of the dead altar 4

Many of these brilliant buds are marigolds, the chosen flower used to honor the dead. 

In total, the enormous structure measures 846.48 m² (9,111.43 ft²), the inside exhibiting 800 candles, 1,700 breads, 695 tamales and several skeletons dressed in Mexican garbs. 

Largest day of the dead altar 2

It took over 1,000 volunteers and four weeks to produce the final product, but the results are stunning. 

Largest day of the dead altar 3

This new record beats the previous title holder by more than 200 m², a feat that was also achieved in a Mexican city in 2014.