Japanese freestyle footballer Yuuki Yoshinaga didn't take his eyes off the ball as he earned himself a second Guinness World Records title.

Showing off his incredible ball control skills, the 25-year-old took the title for the Most football (soccer ball) rolls from eye to eye in one minute with an impressive 189 in an attempt in Nerima, Tokyo.

This comfortably beat the previous best of 117, set by Raghul Raja in India on 25 December last year. 

To achieve the record Yuuki had to successfully roll a full-size football across his face from one eye socket to the other, as many times as possible.

Despite Yuuki already holding one Guinness World Records title, he's still just as excited to be entering the record books again.

"This feeling does not change no matter how many times I have done attempts. I am so thankful for this opportunity and I will do my best to master my football skills," - Yuuki Yoshinaga.

The gifted footballer has added this latest record to his other title, Most football touches with the shoulders in one minute (male) which was set just last month. In this attempt, Yuuki had to beat the previous record of 214 and eased passed it, setting a new benchmark of 230. 

Most football (soccer ball) rolls from eye to eye in a minute

He's now set his sights on earning all the available titles for football records that involve shoulders. Yuuki has also held the title for the Most consecutive football touches with the shoulders with 1,854, a total that's since been surpassed, so expect to see him attempt that in the future.

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