As part of their ongoing "Chronicles of a Record Breaker" series, sports entertainment network Whistle Sports revisited the achievements of British freestyle footballer Daniel Cutting.

The talented sportsman, who has been a professional for around eight years, currently holds five Guinness World Records titles.

But it was his most recent attempt for the Longest time controlling a football on the chest, a grueling challenge that required "flexibility, a lot of balance and core strength" which was the focus of this video.

"It’s very difficult to keep the ball going up and down," explained Daniel.

As well as keeping the ball moving, Daniel had to make sure the ball does not touch any body part other than his chest and prevent it from falling to the ground.

Daniel Cutting: Fastest 100 metres with a football balanced on the head

He had a tough mark of 30.29 seconds to beat, but Daniel smashed the record with an incredible new time of 44.57 seconds.

"I’m ecstatic. That is an amazing relief – all that effort and hard work paying off."

The attempt was filmed at Stadium MK, home of MK Dons Football Club in Milton Keynes, for the Guinness World Records OMG! and Copa90 YouTube channels.

Daniel’s other titles include Most football shoulder rolls in one minute (69), Fastest 100 metres with a football balanced on the head (18.53 sec), Most football rolls across the forehead (1,810) and Most football touches with the lips in one minute (153).

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