Put down your controller and take off that headset! To mark the 11th anniversary of Guinness World Records’ Gamer’s Edition, we’ve assembled 11 fun facts about why this celebration of record-breaking gaming is such a must-have – in gamer’s terms, a Super Mario invincibility star or Sonic gold ring!

It was tough to whittle down all the great things about the Gamer’s Edition to a list of just 11 key attractions. In fact, it took us one-and-a-half hours to put together. And just think: it only took Lego Speed-Runner and Twitcher ”Ozotuh” (both UK) 1 hr 27 min 2 sec to complete LEGO Batman: The Videogame…! 

1. The Gamer’s Edition hit the shelves on 7 September, so like Pokémon, go – and catch it while you can! It’s available in all good bookstores and supermarkets, but don’t find yourself searching in a cave in Wiltshire 30 metres (100 ft) underground, as four UK teens did while looking for Pokémon!

2. This book is all about learning incredible facts and records about kids’ favourite videogames, including Mario, Overwatch, FIFA, WWE and Rocket League.

3. Within its pages, you’ll discover incredible insights and fascinating stories – for example, this year there’s a special chapter featuring superhero games. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 40 years since Superman first exploded onto our consoles!

4. This is definitely not a cheat guide or a walk-through book. And it features plenty of kid-friendly games, so there’s nothing to be afraid of – although fear certainly played a part in one particular Guinness World Records (GWR) gaming record. Just ask Tom Wheldon, aka JurrasicJunkie, who earlier this year broke the GWR title for the Most watched video on Twitch while playing a famously frightening game – but not for the reason you might expect…

5. The Gamer’s Edition is far more than simply a book about videogames. We also feature an array of incredible people from the world of videogaming, along with incredible stories, outrageous talents and eye-popping costumes! Check out Leo Simon from the UK, who holds the record for the Largest mechanical wings on a cosplay costume….Now that is one fly outfit!

Largest mechanical wings on a cosplay costume

6. There are fun facts for all the family…including mums – and that’s official! New research has revealed that British women spend a month of every year playing videogames, and 56% of these female gamers are mums!

GWR gaming research infographic

7. And on the subject of families, here’s proof that everyone can play videogames! Meet grandma Shirley, the Oldest videogames YouTuber! She is 81 years old and loves to play the action-RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for hours on end.

Oldest videogames YouTuber

8. If you are reading this on your phone, spare a thought for your original favourite hand-held device, the Nintendo Game Boy. Belgian IIhan Unal built a giant working version standing 1.01 metres (3 ft 3.7 in) tall, 62 cm (2 ft 0.4 in) wide and 20 cm (7.8 in) deep. Unsurprisingly, it’s the Largest Game Boy.

9. Another reason to add this book to your GWR collection: if your kids are avid gamers, this might be a good way to get them hooked on books too!

10. GWR’s Gamer’s Edition is also a fantastic source of information on some of the hottest titles heading to a gaming platform near you.

11. Finally, we have a stack of goody bags to give away. They’re a treat for gamers of all ages and abilities – although when it comes to gaming paraphernalia, Norway’s Anne Martha Harnes is still way out in front. Her home accommodates the Largest collection of Legend of Zelda memorabilia – 1,816 unique items altogether, as of 14 July 2016.

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