Hunter Ewen has popped his way into the Guinness World Records 2018 book, having reclaimed his record for Most balloons blown up in one hour by an individual.

Guinness World Records recently visited Hunter in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado, USA, to talk to him about his achievements.

"Part of the reason I wanted to attempt this record comes from my childhood fear of balloons," he said. "I didn't blow up a balloon for 15 years and I thought this might be a fun way to get over that fear."

Hunter first achieved the record in 2011, after successfully inflating 582 balloons in 60 minutes. 

But he had his title taken four years later by prolific record-breaker Ashrita Furman, who beat his total by 89.

Since then, Hunter has devised a series of techniques to make good on his potential and become a record holder once again. 

The key to his success? He trained himself to blow up balloons for longer spans of time without getting light-headed. 

Most balloons blown up in one hour by an individual2

After researching more information about the human body, he learned that people do not get lightheaded from lack of oxygen but rather from having too much. 

Hunter even enlisted the help of a local surgeon who was able to determine a quicker and more efficient way to tie off the balloons - a combination overhand-underhand technique. 

Another key influence on Hunter’s record attempt was his wife, a scientist, who helped him to work out how to conserve air. She also suggested ways for him to position his body and move so that none of his appendages became numb — which was a problem the first time around.

With his newfound knowledge, Hunter trained himself to grab balloons and tie them with empty lungs. This proved to be more efficient than grabbing balloons and tying them with a lungful of air.

Once the balloon enthusiast had absorbed the advice he'd received, he put it into practice... and achieved an outstanding new record of 910! 

Most balloons blown up in one hour by an individual 6

As someone who grew up loving Guinness World Records, Hunter thinks it is an incredible treat to be part of the Guinness World Records family. 

"Like a lot of people, I remember the anticipation of waiting for the new book each year," he revealed. "I would fantasise about the records, the kind of people that broke them, and what kinds of sacrifices people make to accomplish their dreams."

Hunter is featured alongside many more of the world’s most inspiring record holders in Guinness World Records 2018

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