British stuntman Alastair Moffatt has earned worldwide fame thanks to his incredible driving and parking skills.

His most recent achievements have secured him, and his younger brother John, a coveted place in the new Guinness World Records 2018 book.

On the set of CBBC’s Officially Amazing (UK) TV show in Stafford, UK, the pair successfully attempted to break the record for the Tightest gap driven through by two cars on two wheels. In order to work out the distance for this record, the adjudicator took the distance between the two obstacles and then took away the height of the cars.

They managed to squeeze through a tiny gap, marked out by two poles, leaving a total space of just 1.29 metres (4 ft 2 in).

This narrowly broke the previous record of 1.3 metres (4 ft 3.18 in) that was set by Han Yue and Bao Tengjin from China.

The Moffatt brothers and the cast of Officially Amazing

Alastair later appeared on another TV series, Discovery Channel Canada’s show Daily Planet, attempting to better his own record title for the Tightest gap driven through on two wheels.

Going for the record title at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport in Bobbington, Staffordshire, UK, the pro driver had to deal with some extremely windy conditions that knocked his Mini Cooper straight onto its side during his first attempt.

Alastair explained how much potential danger there is doing side-wheelie stunts. 

"The car could fall over or catch fire – they’re designed to be on four wheels not two," he said.

However, Alastair picked himself and his vehicle back up and broke the record with a measurement of 44.5 cm (17.52 in).

"Total failure to total success all in one day!" he said.

"To be a multiple world record holder, it’s pretty special really," Alastair continued. "It’s something I always wanted to do when I was a kid. I didn’t think it would be possible – but here we are!"

Alastair Moffatt at his Tightest gap driven through on two wheels certificate presentation

The stunt driver has broken a huge number of records during his career, but one of his most impressive titles remains the Tightest parallel parking in reverse.

Driving a classic Mini, he accelerated backwards to 40 mph (64 km/h) then pulled off a handbrake turn, spinning a full 180° and, in one seamless manoeuvre, sliding between two parked Minis. The space he slotted into was a mere 1 ft 1.3 in (34 cm) longer than the car he was driving, breaking the existing world record.

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