Multiple record holder, April Choi, is keen on whipping things into shape. 

The US resident enters Guinness World Records 2018 after meriting three cunning record titles, all involving precision whip cracking. 

The 31-year-old performer’s most impressive feat is arguably her title for Most Jenga blocks removed by a whip in one minute, of which she achieved a total of four in her home of Peoria, Illinois. 

April needed to accurately knock out a block one by one without tipping the tower over in order to obtain the record – an action she made look effortless. 

A seemingly unstoppable force, the US resident earned the record for Most stock whip cracks on a slackline in one minute that same day, with 127. 

Differing from the Jenga record, this title required an exorbitant core strength and balance on a tight-rope structure, forcing April to counterbalance her momentum from the motion of whip cracking.

 Most cracks on a slackline with a whip in one minute 3

Days after accomplishing two Guinness World Records titles, the expert whipper succeeded in completing a record trifecta, earning the title for the Most eggs broken with a whip in 30 seconds at 17. 

April has been performing with whips for the past five years and also makes and sells her own whips.

With over 30 circus skills in her arsenal, some of her favorites include contact staff, fire eating and card manipulation. 

Most cracks on a slackline with a whip in one minute

Regularly attending circus camps, flow festivals and other workshops, the whip enthusiast invents tricks by being inspired by other performers and incorporating learned elements into her own routines. 

When it comes to mastering new things, April admits that it can take a fair amount of time. 

There’s one card trick she’s been trying to fine tune for over 10 years, while others she’s learned in a matter of minutes. 

 Most cracks on a slackline with a whip in one minute 2

Generally, it takes about 20 hours of practice for her to perfect a whip routine with her favourites involving fire. 

On becoming an official Guinness World Records title holder, and landing a spot in the 2018 edition, April had an inspirational message for others.

"Many people I talk to have always wanted to try to achieve something great but never even try because they think they will fail. I love letting people know that even if you don’t ever get something like a world record or a career in the arts, simply trying to pursue your dreams can bring you so much more. I have made hundreds of new friends and thousands of glorious memories that I will treasure the rest of my life because I tried to chase a dream. Even if I didn’t do as well as I have, it would have still brought me more love, friendships, joy, and happiness to have reached for the stars," - April Choi.

Earlier in September, April visited our New York City office for our annual launch week, performing her Jenga record on the NBC’s The TODAY Show - a celebration of the new 2018 book. 

Though she did not manage to beat her current record, official adjudicator Michael Empric surprised the talented whip artist with an official certificate for her a title she had attempted earlier in the week: Most newspapers split using a bullwhip in one minute. 

At 22 newspapers, April is now a four-time record holder, and eager to break more. 

 Most cracks on a slackline with a whip in one minute 5

You can find April Choi on page 83 of this year’s NEW 2018 edition, alongside other brilliant record holders. 

The Guinness World Records 2018, Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer’s Edition and Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals collection is available worldwide. 

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