For the seventh consecutive year, Guinness World Records is pleased to partner with the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) offering runners with on-site verification to see if they cross the finish line as title holders. 

This year thirteen records will be attempted in the Canadian city, with participants looking to cement themselves in record-breaking history. 

Marathoners will be greeted by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator at the end of the race who will immediately verify whether or not the pre-registered applicants were successful in their attempts. 

In light of the exciting race on Sunday 22 October, here are a few marathoners to keep tabs on: 

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 5

Fastest marathon dressed as a lumberjack (male) 

Daniel Grant, 45, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Resident Canadian Daniel is running his fourth official marathon as a lumberjack - one that raises a large amount of money for charity. 

He chose to run the 26-mile journey as a lumberjack after a local brewery offered him donations towards his charity efforts for selecting this costume. 

The three-time STWM veteran is running to help a local organization reach $10,000 in fundraising, and has even practiced running with ankle weights to prepare him for the heavy gear he will be sporting this Sunday. 

Daniel is rather excited about his upcoming attempt, especially the opportunity to become a record holder. 

"I grew up fascinated by Guinness World Records. My cousin had a copy of the book and we used to marvel at the accomplishments of others who pushed themselves to be the best. The kid in me is somewhat amazed that I might, myself, join the ranks of those who did something so extraordinary" - Daniel Grant. 

Time to beat: 4 hours 15 minutes

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 3

Fastest half marathon dressed as a chef (male)

Daniel Janetos, 31, Toronto, Ontario (Canada); Jasper Moester, 40, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

A popular title this year,  not one but two applicants are eager to be the runner who crosses the finish line in record-breaking glory. 

The first applicant competing for this title is Daniel Janetos, who is a professional chef himself. 

He was inspired to go after this title in order to raise money for the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation, as well as motivate the culinary world to use healthier ingredients. 

For the upcoming head to head challenge, he has been running five days a week and eating a clean diet. 

On the other hand, his competitor Jasper Moester, who attempted this category last year and had his newly achieved title taken – is aiming to get it back this year. 

He was motivated to chase this record after rediscovering his passion for food after having professional hardships in another industry – and is set on re-claiming his title. 

Stay tuned to see who prevails on marathon day. 

Time to beat: 1 hour 37 minutes 38 seconds 

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 6

Fastest marathon dressed as a television character (female) 

Pam Bottos, 49, Waterdown, Ontario (Canada)

Mother, runner and cyclist Pam Bottos is thrilled to be following a lifelong dream of becoming a record-holder. 

Running as “I Love Lucy” character Lucille Ball, who her husband admittedly has a crush on, she hopes to represent the TV personality’s humour, passion and fearlessness on race day. 

“Lucille Ball was fearless. At a time when women were at home being homemakers, she was pushing the limits and making the most of her life. She lived her life on her terms!” 

Pam will be taking on her 14th marathon, and in doing so will raise money for the Ride to Conquer Cancer foundation as a team member of Breast Foot Forward, created in honour of her late sister-in-law. 

The agile athlete has sadly contracted a bone spur and plantar fasciitis in the past year, which has threatened her ability to run regularly. But with practice and determination, she is more enthusiastic than ever to achieve her goals at the STWM. 

“My grandmother had the Guinness Book of Records. I would look at all the records and dream of having one in my name. Running has been my lifelong passion. To attempt a record doing what I love makes my heart skip a beat! I’m thrilled to be attempting a record with running."

Time to beat: 4 hours 13 minutes 39 seconds

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 4

Fastest half marathon dressed as a zookeeper (female) 

Bridget Burns, 35, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

You’ll find Bridget on race day sporting traditional zookeeper uniform and holding a small stuffed lion – an animal she feels best represents the High Park Zoo which has become a large part of her life since moving to Canada five years ago. 

She and six-year-old daughter Vada often visit together and enjoy feeding the llamas, encouraging her to run on behalf of the Friends of the High Park Zoo team. 

Bridget is no stranger to record-breaking, in fact has held titles for Fastest half marathon in motocross gear (female), Fastest half marathon in an animal costume (female), Fastest marathon dressed as a zookeeper (female), and Fastest marathon dressed as boxer.

We'll see if she manages to earn her fifth title on race day! 

"It feels great to know that I have accomplished some great things. I hope that at the end of my life I will have left a legacy: that I will have defended causes that were vulnerable, that I spoke up when others would not, that I tried to create change and embrace change when it was needed. I was flipping through Guinness World Records books with Vada yesterday. She said ‘Mum, you have those certificates on our wall too!’ It made me proud that I left a mark in the universe."

Time to beat: 2 hours 15 minutes 

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2

Fastest marathon joggling with five objects (male) 

Michael Kapral, 45, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Health writer Michael Kapral has returned to run his 37th marathon, eight which he has previously done while joggling which involves running long distances while continuously juggling a certain amount of objects. 

Michael, who has set Guinness World Records titles for the Fastest marathon pushing a pram, as well as three records for Fastest marathon joggling with three objects (male), is happy to take on his next record-breaking challenge. 

"There are 7.5 billion people in the world. It’s an awesome feeling to be the best in the entire world at something. I’m friends with quite a few other record-holders. There’s a real bond between those of us trying to be the best at oddball sports or skills" - Michael Kapral.

The dad-of-two will be fundraising for the SickKids Foundation while coordinating five objects and running consistently – a feat that is hardly trivial.

He wants others to know that although he has been juggling since the age of ten, the sport of joggling requires another level of stamina. 

"There’s no other sport quite like joggling. It combines upper and lower-body endurance with hand-eye coordination. When you get into a groove, it feels like magic. Some people think jogglers are just trying to show off, but that’s not it at all. It’s a sport in its own right that’s been around since at least 1975. It’s a funny-looking sport, but no less legitimate than something like the triathlon or even other mainstream ball sports like basketball or baseball."

Time to beat: 4 hours 40 minutes