Ubisoft’s newest dance rhythm game Just Dance 2018 hits stores in the US today (Tuesday 24 October), and comes to Europe and Australia later this week.

Guinness World Records is not only excited about all the new record possibilities that come with a new video game release, but because one of our much-loved record holders is featured in the game itself!

Carrie Swidecki, 41, holds the iconic title for the Longest videogame marathon, which she achieved by playing Just Dance 2015 for an exhausting 138 hr 34 sec in California, from 11–17 Jul 2015.

Having set dance records the previous four years in a row, including the Longest videogame marathon on a dance game, the teacher this time broke the overall gaming marathon record.

Carrie Swidecki with her Guinness World Records certificate

She streamed the whole attempt on video gaming platform Twitch and raised $7,305 (£4,677) for the charity event ExtraLife4Kids.

"I always dreamed of living in a videogame store and that became reality after playing Just Dance for six days straight. I was surrounded by 150 friends in my hometown who supported my fight against childhood obesity and together we raised over $7,500!" – Carrie Swidecki.

Before the new game was announced, Carrie and seven other Unisoft Star Players were invited to an event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 where they were surprised with the news they were going to be featured in Just Dance 2018.

The following day the group went to the Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles to learn the choreography to the new game’s theme tune, All You Gotta Do Is Just Dance!

Watch the video below:

"My dream of being in a Just Dance game has come true. There are no words to explain how I felt when I saw myself in the game. I started crying! It was the happiest moment in my life! I still can’t believe that I’m actually apart of Just Dance 2018!"

Now that the new game has been released, Guinness World Records had to find out if Carrie had plans to attempt more records.

"In June 2018 I plan to break the longest video game marathon record that I set in 2015. I’m hoping to raise awareness of using exer-gaming in schools to fight childhood obesity, while raising money for my local children’s hospital. I used to be obese, but lost 75 lbs and went down 10 sizes while chasing my world record dreams with Just Dance videos games!"

Carrie’s achievements have also earned her a place in Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer’s Edition, alongside thousands of exceptional video gamers.

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