Two record hopefuls have been battling it out for the title Most pull ups in one minute, one of Guinness World Records's most competitive fitness challenges.

Italian fitness pro Tazio Gavioli is well-known to Guinness World Records having featured on China’s TV show CCTV, Guinness World Records Special, attempting intense exercise feats such as Fastest explosive pull up ascent (4m) and One arm inclined ladder climb - most consecutive rungs.

Meanwhile Bulgaria's Boris Nalbantov is new to Guinness World Records, but with a personal training business and a love of high-intensity training, he shouldn't be overlooked.

34-year-old Tazio, who has taken part in Ninja Warrior Italia, completed a staggering 53 reps during the attempt in Cavezzo, Modena, Italy.

"I decided to break this record for personal satisfaction," he said.

Most pull ups in one minute: Tazio Gavioli and Boris Nalbantov

Boris had his own reasons for attempting the challenge.

"I was going to do it a few years back, but I broke my arm pretty badly and got few injuries. Now I feel fine, I decided to give it a try," - Boris Nalbantov.

The 23-year-old managed to complete one more pull up than his Italian competitor, breaking the record with a new total of 54, at the Sport "R" Evolution Gym, in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

Guinness World Records has strict rules for all of our pull up challenges. 

For example, the body must remain straight throughout and the chin must be raised above the level of the bar for each rep, but the position of the hands is at the discretion of the challenger. Any pull ups that break the rules are deducted from the record total. To find out the full list of guidelines, please make an application for the record.

Previously the record stood at 51 pull ups, achieved by American Adam Sandel in 2016.

Since Guinness World Records first started monitoring this record in 2012, when it was set by Ron “The Pull Up Guy” Cooper with 36, the number has grown by an incredible 17 reps.

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