A group of jewellery fanatics went past go 'Go' in a big way earlier this month and traded their way to a new world record for the Most people playing Monopoly (single venue). 

 Most people playing Monopoly (single venue) 5
Taking place in the grandeur of the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel Center in Oklahoma (USA), members of the Facebook group Addicted 2 Cuffs teamed up with local jewellery store Rustic Cuff for a night of record breaking real estate gameplay. 
 Most people playing Monopoly (single venue) 2
The minimum requirement to beat the previous record of 603 set in Singapore last year, but organisers managed to gather enough participants to surpass that number by some margin, with a final total of 733. 
 Most people playing Monopoly (single venue) 4
The Addicted 2 Cuffs Facebook group consists of 40,000 fans of Rustic Cuffs, a Tulsa-based company which now sells ornately decorated bracelets to over 250 stores across America. 
 Most people playing Monopoly (single venue) 3
This isn’t the first time Rustic Cuffs and the business’s fans have broken a record, having last year achieved the title for Most people playing Bunco simultaneously, with 1,599 individuals. 
 Most people playing Monopoly (single venue) 6

Their latest record attempt was inspired by the new custom monopoly board created by Hasbro for Rustic Cuff, which attendees played for the entirety of the night.