Meet Hamburger Harry - The fast food fanatic with the Largest collection of hamburger items

By Kristen Stephenson
Largest collection of hamburger items 2
Hamburger Harry is quite literally the “Burger King”. 
With a house covered from top to bottom with an ensemble of beef, cheese, and buns, he’s the record holder for the Largest collection of hamburger related items
Harry's collection began almost by accident 26 years ago at a time when he was selling 1950’s memorabilia items .
Looking to sell a vintage car tray used by at drive-in food establishments, he began searching for a fake hamburger he could use to illustrate the piece for a photograph. He ended up buying five hamburgers before he settled on one to use for the photograph, and thus, began his collection.
Nearly three decades later, his house in Daytona Beach, Florida (USA) displays a plethora of 3,724 items, ranging from a cheeseburger water bed, happy meal cheeseburger toys, posters, all the way to a fully functioning cheeseburger dragster. 
Largest collection of hamburger items 4
“The Hamburger Harley is one of the favourite items in my collection, because I can take it out and show it off,” beams Harry. 
Many can find Hamburger Harry sporting a hamburger bike helmet with elongated horns, buzzing through town riding the huge, but tasty-looking, mechanical structure. 
The burger-enthusiast first got the idea of custom designing the Hamburger Harley by combining his two passions: bikes and burgers. 
Amongst the masses of burger memorabilia that line the walls of his house, many who enter what Harry calls “The International Hamburger Hall of Fame” can also see classic motorcycles displayed.  
Nonetheless, the Hamburger Harley which is a transformed 1987 HD Sportster, will undoubtedly stand out the most as one of Harry’s prized possession. 
Reflecting on two years of custom work, the Harley comes complete with fiber glass burger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle handle bars, tomato rims, ketchup bottle shock covers, and hydraulic cylinders that raise and lower the top bun for entry into the vehicle. 
Largest collection of hamburger items 1
It even features steam that rises from the burger, as well as a stereo that plays the sound of a sizzling patty for all to hear when it zips down the street.
Those who wish to take the bike for spin can book it for their next hungry excursion, or for a fully-trimmed joy ride. 
Despite the hard work and expenses Harry put into the Harley, this isn’t the only item of his collection he has custom-built. 
His Cheeseburger Water Bed, which resides close by to his Hamburger Bed, was a labor of love that cost $3,500. 
According to Harry, he has already achieved the dream- collecting enough items to be in this year’s Guinness World Records annual. 
Largest collection of hamburger items 3
But his next dream, is to construct a proper home where his burger items can live: an official burger museum, shaped to look like an enormous double bacon cheese burger.
For anyone who still asks the question “why burgers?”, the collector’s passion stems from the message the “burger” represents- which he feels is the core of American culture.
With the average 50 billion burgers that are consumed each year in America, we can’t really argue. 
Largest collection of hamburger items