Facebook Live Rewind: World travelers, drag queens, and soccer stars

By Kristen Stephenson
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Each week at Guinness World Records, we'll be rounding up the recent highlights from our incredible live broadcasts on our official Facebook page.
Featuring fascinating record-breaking action and interviews from around the world, our broadcasts also give our viewers the chance to ask our talented title holders their questions.
If you missed any of the action from the past week - no worries, we’ve gathered up a selection of the best videos for you to watch below.
Last Thursday began with an educational and cultural broadcast, featuring Anuradha Subramanian (USA) - the world’s Oldest Kuchipudi dancer. Kuchipudi originated in a small village in Kuchipudi South India, where it was traditionally performed by men. 
In the interview, Anuradha explains how each Kuchipudi dance portrays a story linked to a religious deity, which is what drew her in to begin with. Truly a treat for our live audience, the 70-year-old demonstrates the talent which earned her the record - a title she has held since 2006, while also sharing her inspiration for earning the record.

Continuing the fancy footwork theme, our team met up with active record holder Ronnie Delzer (USA) in Houston, Texas, who just achieved the Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours. Totalling an incredible 89.38 miles, Ronnie first got the idea to pursue the world record after seeing a news report on the previous title holder. Since the athlete has run over 100 races in his lifetime, many would think this record was a trivial task. The answer is a big no! Ronnie reveals everything about his experience, from sore ankles to what happened post-attempt. 

He also shared some fantastic fitness advice with our host Jono, while running on a treadmill the entirety of the broadcast! If you love cardio, this is one clip you won’t want to miss. 

Remaining in Houston, host Jono sped over to the local court house to catch up with speedy stenographer Mark Kislingbury, who’s holds the title for being the world’s Fastest realtime court reporter. Mark has the capability of typing 360 words per minute, at a rate of 97.23% accuracy! He gave viewers a lesson on the interesting tools court reporters use, and explained the importance court stenographers are in a trial. 

Many fellow stenographers tuned in from around the world to show their support, including some of Mark’s students.  He mentions one of his main reasons for getting involved with the job was avoiding all the homework in college - and it seems like the decision resulted in an amazing outcome.  

Tuesday began with a terrific #TravelTuesday inspired program with our West Coast host Asha Leo, who sat down with multi-record holder Erden Eruc (Turkey) to discuss his world adventures. Erden holds records for:

• First person to row three oceans

• Farthest total distance rowed on the ocean

• Longest solo row across an ocean

• Farthest distance rowed in the Atlantic non-stop (solo)

And that’s just the beginning. In total, he’s conquered fifteen journey record titles, primarily on the ocean, making him a realistic “Life of Pi”. One of his most enduring record titles took a whopping five years to complete, but we’re thrilled he stayed dedicated! Now an author of a fantastic book, he resides in Seattle, Washington, where we got to ask our most sensational questions. 

If you’re falling asleep at work, this next broadcast showcasing Alex Zerbe: Professional Zaniac will wake you up in no time! As one our most exciting live broadcasts, host Asha explores intricate football skills with Alex who holds the title for Most consecutive eclipses. Footbag is another word for “hackiesack” a fun sport that involves controlling a small bean bag with one’s feet. 

Alex not only has impressive foot-controlling skills but also a wicked sense of humour. He shows us just how he achieved a record-breaking 26 consecutive eclipses, as well as some other hysterically entertaining and energy-filled juggling tricks!

Alex Zerbe is a tough act to follow, but no one did it better than the Oldest Performing Drag Queen Darcelle XV - the alter ego of 86-year-old Walter Cole. In a lovely sequinned costumed, Darcelle invited us to Walter's club in Portland - a venue he has owned since 1967.

Walter still performs six shows a week as Darcelle with complete enthusiasm and passion for the theatre.  As an active member of the LGBTQ community, Walter has won the Portland Spirit Award for being such an endearing public figure in society, including his advocacy for AIDS awareness. His heart is certainly big, but her showmanship is undoubtedly bigger! To see a truly unforgettable look into the life of a Drag Queen, take a look at the stream below. 

We ended the week with multi-record holder Laura Biondo, who also holds four record titles thanks to her fantastic football (soccer) skills! Laura is so talented that she’s been performing with Cirque de Soleil for the show Luzia as a football dancer. Her ability to master the ball has made her one of the most talked about football freestyle stars and one of the most impressively agile title holders we’ve seen. 

The former club football player already has titles for Most touches of a football with the soles in one minute (female), Most football touches with the shin in one minute (female), Most touches with the head in one minute (female), and Most “around the world” ball control tricks in one minute (female), with hopes to rack up even more. Our wonderful host Asha joined Laura in San Francisco, California to see if she could achieve a new title for Most football clipper tricks performed in one minute. Did she manage to attain it? There’s only one way to find out! 

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