Johnny Strange is known for his fearless nature and bold stunts. 
A multi-record holder from the UK, he’s now added an additional, cutting-edge title to his collection - this time for Most swords swallowed in three minutes. 
In the intense video below, Johnny takes a razor-sharp, 21-inch sword and slides it down his throat a whopping sixteen times. 
Johnny Strange
It’s certainly not a clip for the faint-hearted, as the attempt is very precarious. 
Johnny says he taught himself the skill of sword-swallowing and admits it’s one of the “most dangerous stunts he performs”. 
Speaking to our host Paul Wiggins in the clip below, Johnny says that because of the severe consequences of the stunt, there are less than 60 sword swallowers alive in the world today. 
When Johnny performs the stunt, he places the sword down his throat, essentially grazing his lungs, while also pushing his heart to the left. As it continues down the esophagus, it eventually reaches the bottom of his stomach – making the feat of doing this sixteen times all the more remarkable. 
Johnny Strange 2
At 28-years-old, Johnny has been featured in the Guinness World Records annual several times for his staggering titles. 
He was first featured in the 2015 edition for his record Heaviest weight lifted by pierced ears, in which he lifted a substantial 47-lb weight using the open gages in his earlobes. 
Johnny Strange 4
Johnny furthered this record with the title in the current Guinness World Records 2017 edition, with the record for Heaviest weight pulled by pierced ears- using just his earlobes to drag a 172P airplane. 
Johnny Strange 5
So how does Johnny perform his breathtaking stunts without getting injured? 
Like most major stunts, the key is stretching. 
In the case of the pulling records using his ears, once the skin has been stretched it develops into scar tissue, meaning he is able to do these feats more efficiently.
For his sword swallowing record attempt, the key was for Johnny to relax to a point when he could calmly manoeuvre the super sharp object down his wind pipe multiple times in the span of three minutes . 
He attempted this record as well as a bullwhip record in real time on our Facebook Live broadcast
To see his latest, and most audacious record title achieved to date, watch the video below: