The Beijing Contemporary Music Academy in China has smashed the record for the Largest performing rock band after 953 musicians played a show together in Tianjin.
In total there were six different music sections to the enormous band, including an ear-splitting 349 singers, 154 guitarists, 151 drummers, 101 bassists, 100 keyboard players and 98 wind instruments.
Largest performing rock band drummers
In order to achieve the Guinness World Records title, the performance had to be of a good standard and conducted by an experienced professional.
The 953-person rock band was led by renowned singer-songwriter Cui Jian, who is often called the “Father of Chinese Rock” thanks to being one of the first Chinese artists to record rock music.
Largest performing rock band China
Guinness World Records officials Tina Shi and Dong Cheng were on hand to judge the incredible attempt, and were thrilled to announce that the previous record of 520 musicians had been almost doubled.
Largest performing rock band certificate presentation
The previous record was set by a 520-strong band comprising an 121 drummers, 62 keyboardists, 168 guitarists, 97 singers and 72 bass players, who played “7 Nation Army” by The White Stripes, among other well-known tracks, on 23 Jun 2013. The event was organised by Association Music Revolution in France.
Note:Guinness World Records is aware of reports that there was a larger rock band at the Rockin'1000 event that took place in Italy last year and would welcome evidence from the organisers to substantiate the claim, but until then it remains that the largest rock band as verified by Guinness World Records is the one created by the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.